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The Anniversary Collection


October 28 to November 1Villa Bottini, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

We send this appeal across our continent for all to know that our merciful sovereign, Her Enlightened Ladyship Anna Henrietta, hath declared Saovine's eve to be the commencement of festive celebrations.

We humbly beseech all who wish to honour the Duchess with their presence at this festival to appear in the resplendent town of Lucca, where we shall await thy arrival in full hopes of providing a feast of delights and amusements.

All who seek to travel thither shall find the necessary minutiae in the enclosure below.

An interested traveler may inquire, "What manner of delights awaits me at this illustrious event?" Let us regale you with the details!

As befits a celebration hosted by the Ducal house of Toussaint, our esteemed guests will enjoy the most exquisite entertainment.

Here at Lucca you shall meet the fair knights of Her Grace's Royal Retinue, known to some as the CD PROJEKT RED Team, and learn more of their professional duties.

Guests who favor cultured pastimes and have an eye for fine arts will be delighted to discover our exhibition dedicated to the aforementioned CD PROJEKT RED Team.

The Duchess' resplendent gardens shall be transformed into a fantasy fair with spectacular attractions.

The masters of cosplay artistry will clothe themselves as famous characters from the world of CD PROJEKT RED's games. What an exceptional opportunity to create a photocard that shall be the envy of all! Guests who desire to don their own celebratory garb for the occasion are more than welcome to.

You shall have the opportunity to join Our Grace's favorite pastime, a Treasure Hunt quest! How delightful!

And of course, this list of prepared amusements is but a sampling, as The Duchess wishes to keep the rest of her plans a secret to be revealed in due time. Rest assured, the ingenuity of Our Grace will surprise you.

Your humble servant:

Sir C. de P.R.,
Knight in the Service of Her Grace and the Duchy


Sign me up! How can I take part?

To join the CD PROJEKT RED exhibition you need to purchase a ticket to the LUCCA COMICS & GAMES 2022 festival in advance. Tickets will be available on their website starting September 1st.

What is LUCCA COMICS & GAMES 2022?

Lucca Comics & Games is an annual pop culture event in Italy. Traditionally held at the end of October in conjunction with All Saints' Day, the festival gathers thousands of fans in one of the largest community events in the world. It has been defined as "The Pop Culture Mecca...the greatest geek gathering in The West" by Variety and "The Mother of All Festivals" by Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to combine the city's historical heritage with imagery of superheroes and pop culture. In 2019, Lucca Comics and Games welcomed 744 thousand attendees, making it the largest event of its kind in Europe and the second biggest in the world. In 2022, from October 28th to November 1st, the medieval city of Lucca will again showcase the best of comics, games, fantasy, manga, anime, animation, TV series, and cosplay.

Once word arrives from our Royal Envoy, we shall announce further updates on this page.

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The Anniversary Collection